Pennsylvania Post-Secondary Technology Educator of the Year

Community Service Award



IBM Patent Achievement Award - 2016

IBM Patent Achievement Award - 2008

IBM Patent Achievement Award - 2003

IBM Patent Achievement Award - 2002


I frequently relied on Chuck for his skills, knowledge, and insights when it came to Unix security. Chuck is a highly reliable source of best practices and policies for not only Unix security but also on other various subjects including network security. I would recommend Chuck as a strong and effective team player and a solid asset to any team or an organization.
— Nathan Kim - Senior Technical Architect at SAS
Chuck is a devoted security expert who demonstrates passion for the field at every opportunity. He consistently works with excellence beyond expectations and job requirements to contribute to the profession by writing white papers, speaking (by invitation) at conferences, and mentoring others. Chuck’s expertise and personality make him a person others constantly seek out for advice.
— Darla Nykamp - Compliance Advisor at USAA
You looking for a SUPER STAR?! Look no further Chuck’s your man!! Awesome team player, soooo smart, approachable, patient, amazing educator, dependable, fun to work with, etc. There is not enough time in the day to list all the excellent professional qualities Chuck possesses! Working with Chuck was an honor and he is greatly missed!
— Kim Valentine - IBM CIO Cyber Defense